About The Lenders Coalition for Community Health Centers

The Lenders Coalition for Community Health Centers (LCCHC) is a coalition of community development financial institutions (CDFIs) whose main goal is to advocate for resources and policies that will strengthen health centers’ access to capital and CDFIs’ ability to finance community health center growth.

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As community-based lenders and investors with a commitment to building opportunities in low-wealth communities, we believe Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) have a special role to play in advancing the growth agenda of community health centers and therefore seek to work in partnership with community health centers to achieve our shared goals. 

We will work to provide insight, information and input to policy makers with respect to administrative policies and legislative initiatives that affect health center growth, financial stability and access to capital.

We will work to advocate for, develop and implement lending programs and other collaborative activities that:

  • Recognize the challenges health centers face in borrowing through conventional sources (including limited equity, collateral, cash reserves and cash flow);
  • Seek to address these challenges by responding individually and collectively in creative ways to reduce real or perceived risk of lending/investing in this sector, including through the development of federal credit enhancement mechanisms to encourage lending to health centers;
  • Build upon our track records of successful innovation in the community development finance sector to expand appropriate financing for community health centers.

We will partner with other organizations that support health centers and CDFIs wherever possible to increase our impact in strengthening the community development and community health sectors.